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The Researchers Guide to Next Generation Sequencing

This hands-on workshop aims at giving wet-bench scientists the basic skills to plan, carry out and analyise high throughput sequencing experiments. The two day program will cover:

  • How to design an experiment. This will include what platform best suits your question, what coverage depth should be aimed for to give robust results, what template construction to use, how to use sample barcoding to best effect.

  • What does Next Generation data look like? How do you know if you have good data, bad data, or so-so data? You will have the opportunity to explore a range of data files so you can learn what the Metrics data says about your run.

  • Bioinformatics. We will guide you through three examples of data analysis to get you started. These will be sequence assembly, transcriptome analysis and microsatellite discovery.

Places are limited to 20 and the cost of the course is only $100. To apply, please send us your name, address and a short 500 word statement explaining why you would like to attend. Send your application to by the 7th of January, 2010.

We look forward to meeting you in Dunedin, February 2010.

You can download the workshop flyer here.

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