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Accessing Your Data

Your data will be placed in your account on our server. Your account details will be sent to you when you are notified that your sequence data is available.

To log on to our server you will need to open the terminal window on your computer and type:

ssh -lusername gsdatarig.otago.ac.nz

you will then be prompted for your password.

If you are working within a Windows environment and do not have access to an ssh client, free client (PuTTY) and secure remote copy (PSCP) executables can be found here.

If you have worked within a UNIX environment before it should be very familiar. If not, the following commands should be all you need to navigate through and organise your data:

Command Description
ls List the contents of the a directory.
mkdir Create a new directory.
rmdir Delete a directory and its contents.
cp Copy a file or directory.
rm Delete a file.
mv Move a file or directory.
less A simple viewer for looking at files.
scp Copy data from your account to your computer.
man For further information on each of the above commands simple type man 'command' for the appropriate commands manual. For example, man ls will display the manual for the ls command.

Any problems let us know ( ) as we can provide you with more information and assistance.

Roche / 454 Software Operating Instructions
The following manual describes the operation of the Roche / 454 after-run software. These include assembler and mapping applications, among others. To run the software from your computer, log into your account on gsdatarig.otago.ac.nz and follow the command line instructions discussed in the manual.

GS FLX Data Processing Manual
GS FLX Data Analysis Manual
GS FLX Amplicon Variant Manual
GS FLX Software General Overview Manual

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