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University of Otago High-Throughput
DNA Sequencing Unit
Dear All

The study of genomics in New Zealand has entered a new era. New Zealand Genomics Limited (NZGL) is a company formed to provide all researchers in New Zealand affordable access to the latest genomics technology (http://www.otago.ac.nz/nzgl/otago008100.html).

To bring the NZGL system about, the door must close on the University of Otago High Throughput DNA Sequencing Unit. But where one door closes, another opens. In the new year a new Otago genomics service will be rolled out, run by full time staff and with a new name, able to meet all of your technical needs.

The University of Otago High Throughput DNA Sequencing Unit has a number of projects currently under way. These will be complete by the end of December. No new DNA samples will be accepted after the 30th November 2010 to facilitate the shutdown process.

Sadly, we can no longer be part of the service. I have enjoyed working with all of you over the last three years through both the ups and downs of establishing this new and exciting technology.

I wish you every success in the future with all of your endeavours, genomic and otherwise.

It's been fun and don't be strangers!

Jo Stanton and the team
University of Otago High Throughput DNA Sequencing Unit.

For those planning GS FLX projects next year:

A new GS FLX service will commence in the New Year as part of the Otago Genomics Facility, based in the Department of Biochemistry. While there will be some downtime as the new service is established, alternative arrangements have been put in place to maintain service provision during this transition period.

Please see the Department of Biochemistry website for details of the new service:


Enquiries can be directed to Dr Becky Laurie (becky.laurie@otago.ac.nz) or Mr Les McNoe (les.mcnoe@otago.ac.nz)

For Sanger or capillary sequencing please contact Joanne Gillum at

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